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About Us

Friends of India Quad Cities (FIAQC) is a volunteer run non-profit organization with the mission of introducing culture from India to this region and making
valuable contributions to the society as responsible citizens. Members of FIAQC include people from Indian origin or those who are interested in Indian

We the Indian community of Quad Cities have shown outstanding abilities in professional, academic, social, cultural and political circles and are fortunate
to be surrounded by personnel with vision and special talents. We share the common bonds of ethnicity, language, culture and tradition.

FIAQC s mission is to identify and address social, cultural and educational needs of Quad Cities Indian Community. FIAQC aims to perpetuate, integrate,
and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Indian people into the mainstream of Quad Cities and North America as a whole.

The FIAQC welcomes all new members of 2014!! And thanked all existing members. As a member, you will have free access (or a minimal fee) to several
events. If you have not renewed your membership yet, or if you are planning to become a member, please contact us.

FIAQC has been engaged in many social activities in Quad Cities:

  • Many members volunteer their time, efforts and other resources to community service.
  • FIAQC helped the Uttarakhand flood victims by conducting the 5K race in Quad Cities.
  • FIAQC helped the Uttarakhand flood victims by conducting the 5K race in Quad Cities.

Throughout the year, FIAQC organize multiple events to bring in together our friends and families:

  • New Year Celebration Party
  • Skating or Bowling Party
  • Sports Event: Tennis, Ping pong, Volley Ball & Cricket
  • Sprint Fest & QC Idol
  • Summer Picnic
  • Mega Event of the Year: Diwali Cultural program

We look forward to continuously improve social activities, and we need your support in providing your input to make it happen.

We sincerely thanked all the support from our sponsors for various events and continue to work with us.